Controversy at ICC World Cup 2023: Umpires Warn Angelo Mathews of Timed-Out Threat Due to Helmet Malfunction in Ban vs SL Match

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According to ESPNcricinfo, Mathews was not ready to face the bowler within the stipulated two minutes and subsequently became the first international batter to be timed out after being informed by Richard Illingworth, one of the on-field umpires, that he had 30 seconds left to be ready. He had not yet taken guard and was adjusting his broken chin strap before requesting a replacement helmet, which delayed his readiness to face up. When he finally got a fresh helmet, it was nearly two-and-a-half minutes since the wicket had fallen, prompting Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan to appeal. Mathews argued that he couldn’t be ready to face the bowler due to the helmet malfunction and suggested it was a safety issue. The TV umpire informed the on-field umpires when the two minutes had lapsed, and according to protocol, they only enforce the timed-out rule if the fielding captain appeals. Mathews has suggested that the time taken after the strap comes off should be treated as a separate equipment malfunction delay.

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