Essex Report Confirms Racist Abuse Towards Former Players

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An independent report has verified historical allegations of racist abuse at Essex County Cricket Club, including the nickname “Bomber” for a South Asian player and the taunting of a Black player with bananas. The investigation, led by Katharine Newton KC, was initiated in November 2021 after the then-chairman John Faragher resigned amidst accusations of using a racist phrase. The 38-page report, released by Essex, validates complaints from three former players and lists 15 recommendations for the club to address past actions. Although no players were named in the report, the allegations were made by Jahid Ahmed, Maurice Chambers, and Zoheb Sharif, all of whom have left the club. Anu Mohindru KC, the club chair, welcomed the report and emphasized the club’s commitment to rectifying past mistakes and creating an inclusive and respectful environment. The club is working to address any individuals who may face sanctions as a result of the report’s recommendations, and Mohindru has personally met with the victims to apologize on behalf of the club. The club expressed gratitude to those who participated in the investigation and commended those who spoke out against discrimination, as well as thanking Katharine Newton KC for her meticulous work throughout the process.

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