Harry Brook commits to three-year contract with England after WI vs Eng, 2nd ODI call-up

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Harry Brook says he readily accepted his 3-year contract with England, dismissing the option of a shorter deal to keep his franchising opportunities open. Brook, at 24, is a valuable asset on the franchise circuit, becoming an IPL millionaire last year. Despite this, when England came calling, Brook didn’t hesitate to sign the contract, stating that he has always wanted to play for England.

Brook’s 3-year contract is a big commitment, as it allows England to control the workload of one of their most prized assets. Despite feeling the need for a break after a tough World Cup campaign, he expressed happiness to be on tour. His commitment also provides the opportunity to develop the one-day format of the game.

Brook also put his name into the IPL auction, but he decided to stay off social media to avoid the negativity. After a low-score run in IPL 2023, he admitted to being glad to silence his critics, but later regretted making that statement. Now, someone else is running his social media accounts, which has helped him focus on his mental health and the game.

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