Iron Age Coins Unearthed and Declared Treasure in Wales

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A collection of fifteen Iron Age coins, known as staters, has been officially declared a treasure this week by the senior coroner for north Wales. The remarkable discovery was made by metal detectorists in Llangoed, Anglesey, between July 2021 and March 2022.

Lloyd Roberts, one of the fortunate discoverers who found the first two coins, expressed his excitement, describing the find as “number one on my wishlist.” Roberts, along with his friend Peter Cockton, uncovered a total of five coins. The remaining ten coins were found by Tim Watson, all scattered across a corner of a field.

The diligent metal detectorists promptly reported their discovery to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Reflecting on the find, Roberts shared, “We just sat on the spot, had a coffee and imagined what our surroundings and people’s lives were like over 2,000 years ago.” Watson, another contributor to the find, revealed, “I’m relatively new to metal detecting and was encouraged to give it a go by my dad during lockdown. I’d been over this field a few times and not found much of interest, and then one evening literally struck gold.”

To unravel the mysteries surrounding the buried coins, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust conducted an investigation at the site in September 2021. Despite the absence of immediate clues regarding the origin of the coins, the findspot is located in an area known for prehistoric and early Roman activity. Sean Derby, an archaeologist specializing in historic environments, highlighted the significance of the discovery: “This hoard is a fantastic example of the rich archaeological landscape that exists in north-west Wales. While the immediate vicinity of the find did not yield any clues as to the find’s origin, the findspot lies in an area of known prehistoric and early Roman activity and helps increase our understanding of this region.”

The unearthing of these Iron Age coins sheds light on the ancient history of the area, offering a glimpse into the lives and activities of the people who lived there more than two millennia ago. The declaration of these coins as treasure underscores their historical importance and will contribute to further enhancing our knowledge of the region’s past.

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