New Rules: Umpires will not review caught behind during stumping appeals

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The ICC has updated the playing conditions, stating that the TV umpire will no longer check for a caught behind in stumping appeals referred by the on-field umpires. This change, effective since December 12, 2023, means that teams will have to separately review caught behind decisions using the DRS if the keeper has also removed the bails.

In previous series against India, Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey would often appeal for a stumping, and the TV umpire would automatically check for an edge without the need for a DRS review. Under the new rules, stumping referrals will only display side-on camera images and will not check for a nick.

“The change limits a stumping review to only checking for stumped, preventing the fielding team from getting a free review for other modes of dismissal without using a player review,” the ICC stated in its amendment.

Additionally, the ICC has provided more clarity on the concussion substitution rule. Under the new rule, if a player is replaced due to concussion, the substitute player will not be allowed to bowl if the replaced player was already suspended from bowling at the time of the concussion. The ICC has also reduced the time for on-field injury assessment and treatment to four minutes.

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