Prospect of Hosting International Games at New York’s Eisenhower Park Slim Before T20 World Cup

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With the ground set to be completely ready by the end of May, Eisenhowser Park in New York won’t host any international matches before the T20 World Cup. The ICC disclosed detailed plans on Wednesday for the New York venue, which is set to be transformed into the first modular cricket stadium. Tickets for the 20-team World Cup will be released in the next fortnight. The ICC announced that the venue will be testing a week of May 13 and will include warm-up matches. Chris Tetley, ICC’s head of events, said that this phase will provide organizers a better understanding of the venue before the World Cup matches start. The outfield at the existing cricket venue is “bumpy”, and the timeline is to finish the project by mid-May, when the testing phase will begin. The stadium at the venue will seat about 34,000 fans. A modular stadium, made up of steel and aluminum, can be erected in a short period of time. Formula One has widely used modular stadium, and plans are in place to utilize them at the two other US venues for the T20 World Cup. The ICC plans to leave a legacy for the local cricket community in New York.

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