SLC takes legal action against Sri Lanka’s sports minister for defamation

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Sri Lanka Cricket is taking legal action against the sports minister for allegedly making defamatory statements, as the conflict over cricket administration escalates. The ICC has suspended SLC at the request of its own officials to convey the message to the Sri Lankan government that political interference will not be tolerated. The sports minister is also challenging a court order that removed the officials he appointed and reinstated those previously sacked.

The board has filed a defamation lawsuit seeking damages of 2.4 billion rupees, but did not specify which statements are considered defamatory. The sports minister has accused the board of corruption and mismanagement, and both parties have engaged in personal insults through press conferences. The sports law in Sri Lanka gives the sports minister authority over SLC and other sporting bodies.

SLC is asking for assurances from the Sri Lankan government to prevent further political interference, in hopes of having the ICC suspension lifted.

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