Steven Smith Remains Positive as Australia Triumphs Over West Indies in 2023-24 Series Opener

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A rejuvenated Steven Smith has yet to weigh the potential consequences of a lackluster performance as Australia’s Test opener. As the team prepares for the first Test against the West Indies, Smith’s transition to the top of the order was set in motion during a practice session at the Adelaide Oval. Despite initial hesitation from selectors, they eventually recognized the success of other players in similar roles, ultimately solidifying Smith’s new position.

Nonetheless, Smith acknowledges the inherent risk associated with the move and the implications for his future, especially if fellow teammate Cameron Green excels in the No. 4 position. However, Smith remains optimistic, refusing to dwell on negative thoughts about the scenario. He also acknowledges the potential upside of the change, citing his prior experience and success against the new ball, as well as the impact of facing more attacking fields.

At the same time, Smith expresses concern over the potential impact on Green, who might be thrust into the opening position early in his career. He believes that Green is better suited for the No. 4 spot, where he has performed well in Shield cricket. Despite these reservations, Smith is prepared to embrace the challenge and eager to capitalize on the opportunities that come with the new role at the top of the order.

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