Third Umpire Stuck in Lift at MCG Causes Delay in Australia-Pakistan Match

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During the second Australia-Pakistan Test at the MCG, play was delayed because the third umpire Richard Illingworth was stuck in a lift. The players were ready to start the second session after lunch, but the umpires wouldn’t allow play to continue without Illingworth. Australian batters Warner and Smith were left waiting as the delay lasted for seven minutes. Cricket Australia and the MCG made light-hearted responses to the situation, with Cricket Australia’s social media arm posting about the delay and the MCG replying with “Sorry.” Channel Seven host Mel McLaughlin, who was also in the stuck lift, mentioned that it took about 10 minutes to be rescued. Additionally, the fourth umpire, Phil Gillespie, had a busy afternoon as he had to briefly fill in for an umpire who had to leave the field.

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