Usman Khawaja’s Peaceful Gesture: Dove and Olive Branch Displayed in BBL

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Usman Khawaja has displayed the banned dove and olive branch symbol on his shoes and bat during a BBL match against Perth Scorchers in Brisbane. The image was approved by the Cricket Australia board prior to the Boxing Day Test against Pakistan, but the ICC denied him permission to use it during the game. The symbol was on the back of his bat at the start of the innings, but it was not visible after he broke the bat and used a replacement.

Khawaja had initially wanted to raise awareness of the Gaza conflict with humanitarian messages on his shoes during the Perth Test, but the ICC stopped him. He then wore a black armband, initially believed to relate to the humanitarian crisis, but later said it was for a personal bereavement. The logo on Khawaja’s shoes and bat also references article one of the universal declaration of human rights.

Khawaja has expressed his frustration with the ICC’s consistency in applying regulations. He said that he had followed all regulations and past precedents, and others had done similar things without ICC approval without any consequences.

He has spoken openly about how affected he has been with images coming out of the conflict in Gaza. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has also congratulated him for standing up for human values and showing courage.

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