Emerging Cricket Star Cameron Green Opens Up About Battling Chronic Kidney Disease in Australia

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Australia allrounder Cameron Green, 24, has been dealing with chronic kidney disease since birth. Green revealed to Channel 7 that he has been managing the disease throughout his professional cricket career. His kidney health function is at about 60% at the moment, which is stage two of the disease that doesn’t filter the blood as well as other kidneys. He admitted that kidneys can’t get better and they are irreversible, but he is grateful to not be as physically affected as others. His disease was identified during his mother’s 19-week pregnancy scan, but he is grateful that it has not affected his cricket career significantly, despite having several cramping episodes. Green has revealed his condition to his team-mates and the Australian cricket team’s coaching staff. He believes he is managing the issue reasonably well and has the support of his colleagues.

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