The BBL Drill Behind Glenn Maxwell’s Miraculous Performance at ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

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Glenn Maxwell’s double-century against Afghanistan in Mumbai is being billed as the greatest ODI knock of all time due to his incredible performance despite suffering from back spasms and severe cramps. Maxwell managed to hit 21 fours and 10 sixes, relying on his upper-body strength. He attributed his ability to a pre-match batting drill he used to practice several years ago in the BBL, which focused on hitting big boundaries. Maxwell also revealed that he prepared for unorthodox shots by playing golf, which allowed him to be inventive and test boundaries. During the match, Maxwell experienced severe cramps, particularly in his calf muscle, and his body began to shut down. Despite this, he continued to bat, with the team physio advising him to slow down and hydrate. Maxwell is known for his ability to find gaps in the field, regardless of the line and length of the ball. He explained that he can set himself early in his mind and have a good idea of where he’s trying to hit the ball, using his hands to get out of trouble if necessary.

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