International Olympic Committee to Determine Afghanistan’s Participation in Olympics, Announces ICC CEO Geoff Allardice

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The International Olympics Council (IOC), not the ICC, will decide whether Afghanistan will participate in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. The ICC had recommended a six-team event for both men’s and women’s competitions in T20 cricket, which was approved by the IOC. However, Afghanistan does not currently have a women’s cricket team due to players being forced into exile since the Taliban’s takeover in 2021. The men’s team may still participate, but the decision is ultimately up to the IOC. The IOC has been in communication with the Taliban government, emphasizing the importance of allowing access to sports for women to avoid suspension from the Olympics. The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) receives significant funding as a Full Member of the ICC, and has autonomy in how they utilize those funds. The ICC has been working to support their member in promoting cricket within the rules set by the government of the country.

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