Promising Lancashire Spinner Hartley Set for England Test and ODI Opportunities

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If you want a good gauge of the position of 50-over cricket in the modern era, check out the career of Tom Hartley in List A matches. All five of his appearances in the format took place in 2023, and not a single one of them was for his county team, Lancashire. The first three were on an England Lions tour of Sri Lanka in January, followed by an international debut as an alternate against Ireland at Trent Bridge at the end of the summer. The culmination of his first year of 50-over cricket will be in the West Indies as part of an England ODI squad. This tour was previously considered to be an afterthought but is now being seen as an opportunity for a much-needed refresh, with only six players from the 2023 World Cup squad joining the trip. Hartley seems to have found himself in the right place at the right time. His appearance in a five-match series seems unconventional given his minimal experience and lack of success in his 20 first-class matches. However, despite these reservations, he is openly considered a promising player for Test squad preparations. His upcoming training camp in the UAE with the Lions is a crucial exercise as it could help prepare him for playing Test cricket, especially in India. It’s not surprising for someone of Hartley’s abilities to have his cricket trajectory skyrocket so quickly, as he is also set to accompany the Lions on their tour before heading to the Caribbean. His journey to reaching the professional team was not without unexpected events, as he was not initially included in the ODI against Ireland but was eventually called to play due to an unexpected illness. This is just the beginning of his aspirations, and he is open about his targets, and is focused on fine-tuning his cricket skills. Although Hartley’s short exposure to competitive cricket has mostly been in T20 matches, he has proved himself in pressure situations. He regularly seeks council and education in the game, and his dedication to learning about the sport has truly been exceptional. His journey is about making a conscientious effort to develop new skills and adapt to new circumstances.

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