Finch Proposes Relocation of BBL Teams and Draft Implementation

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Aaron Finch has suggested relocating the Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Renegades to Canberra and Geelong, respectively, rather than adding new teams to the BBL. He claimed that the ACT is pushing for a new Canberra-based team, but he believes that it would spread players too thinly. Finch also advocated for the removal of the overseas draft, allowing clubs to sign players directly. He criticized the late timing of the draft, which leads players to commit to other leagues before the BBL draft takes place. Finch also expressed concerns about the length of the BBL season, saying that it is too long for players to be away from their families over the Christmas period. He suggested condensing the tournament to attract the best players and claimed that players can earn just as much money in other leagues for a shorter time commitment. Additionally, Finch noted the five-day break in the BBL schedule during the Perth Test and emphasized the need to avoid scheduling conflicts with other cricket events.

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