Former cricketer Lou Vincent’s life ban overturned, cleared to play domestic cricket

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In a media statement on Friday, the ECB’s Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC) announced the revocation of the life ban imposed on Lou Vincent. The CDC stated that, after considering Vincent’s “cogent and compelling” reasons for clemency, they found compelling evidence demonstrating high levels of contrition and remorse, as well as sincere efforts to make amends for his actions.

The original life ban was imposed in 2014 by the ECB due to Vincent’s admission of cheating. This ban prohibited him from participating in any level of cricket, entering cricket grounds, or coaching professionally. Vincent had been associated with a total of 11 life bans linked to events during his time at Sussex in 2008 and seven offenses during the 2011 Champions League Twenty20 competition.

After hearing from Vincent, the ICC, New Zealand Cricket (NZC), and the ECB, the CDC decided to revise the ban based on Vincent’s conduct following his sanction. Vincent had made full admissions, cooperated with cricket and civil authorities, and participated in anti-corruption education programs for NZC and the ECB.

In response to the relaxation of the life ban, Vincent expressed deep remorse for his past actions and acknowledged the opportunity to return to the cricket environment as fortunate. He thanked NZC, the New Zealand Players Association, and his lawyer for their support in facilitating his return to the sport.

Since being banned, Vincent has led a new life as a builder in New Zealand. He expressed his desire to attend cricket matches with his family, something he was barred from doing during the life ban.

NZPA CEO Heath Mills praised Vincent’s humility and efforts in educating players about the dangers of match-fixing, which was recognized by the CDC. NZC CEO Scott Weenink acknowledged Vincent’s past mistakes but also highlighted his contributions to spreading the anti-corruption message in cricket.

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